Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Darkness of Love - Victorian Vampire Story

I would like to share with you the synopsis for another manuscript of mine, a historical vampire novel called The Darkness of Love. I began writing this one in 2010 when the vampire character Marcus Scott from my Redcliffe novels decided he wanted his story told. He became very insistent, so I had to write it!

Marcus Scott works as a stable hand for Lord Gregory Stockton during the prosperous and industrial Victorian era. He has grown up in the grounds of Stockton Manor, and his parents also work for Lord Stockton. Marcus is in love with Lady Sarah Stockton, and gradually begins to lose control over his passion. She also harbours desires for him, but struggles with her strict upbringing and devotion to her husband. 

Gregory discovers the depth of the would-be lovers feelings for each other, and he takes a special interest in Marcus, promoting him to a position within the house, and throwing him into close contact with Sarah. Gregory plans to turn Marcus into a vampire, and bring him over as his heir. The drama unfolds, and the humans are pawns in the vampire’s game of power and control, passion and emotion. 

Do you like the sound of it? I need an agent and/or a publisher if anyone is interested...

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