Friday, 27 July 2012

Catherine Green, Famous Author

I am Catherine Green. I am a famous author. There, I said it! I am currently riding the waves of the Indie cruise, desperately promoting my books through all the free social network avenues that I can pyhsically fit into my days. I am active with the World Literary Cafe, a Facebook group called Tweets4Authors, and I am always surfing Twitter and Facebook searching for new concepts and outlets.

Aside from that I read blogs, books and newspaper articles on the subject of being an entrepreneur, a small business owner, an Indie author, and all sorts of other relevant industry news. It is exhausting! It takes me away from my writing, which really is kind of silly. I have to be strict with myself, and sometimes switch off our internet connection so I will actually work on my manuscript.

It is strange how addictive the task becomes. I find myself compelled to sit glued to my computer, checking my Amazon rankings, making sure I am active on all my networks, chatting with other authors in the same situation. But now I am changing my tactics. I am reaching out to people by attending local Mind, Body and Spirit events, as well as the obligatory booksignings in Waterstones book shops.

My other tactic is that of Law of Attraction. I am currently reading The Power by Rhonda Byrne. I read her previous book The Secret a few years ago, and while I wouldn't say it changed my life, I do agree with the concept. It just makes perfect sense. Everything she suggests is so simple, so true, and so completely accessible. So that is me now. I am Catherine Green. I am a famous author. I love my life!

If you are in or around Cheshire this weekend, why not come and see me in Knutsford? We can share stories, and I will tell you all about the Redcliffe Novels... See you later!

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