Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Redcliffe Short Story: It’s Complicated

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“Sally, would you take bloods from Mr Kelner in bed 3 please?” asked Sister Bond, my supervisor,  “and then assist Doctor Wayne with the patient in bed 1.” she added in her clipped, efficient tone.   
 I nodded and hurried away to fulfill my tasks, several in an everlasting list at this busy city hospital in the English Riviera.  Well, thats what people call Devon and Cornwall isnt it?  No matter, I love this place, even if it is work.  I love my job, I love my home, and I love my friends.  Life is good.
But life isnt perfect, not by a long shot.  Im still single, despite my best attempts to seduce my boss.  And I dont mean my boss at the hospital.  Nope, I have two jobs.  By day Im a mild-mannered, efficient, NHS nurse at my local hospital.  But in my personal life, I am third in command to the Redcliffe werewolf pack.  Yes, thats right, we do exist!  And that is where my life becomes complicated.  Not because Im a werewolf, although that can be confusing at times.  Especially around the full moon when I have to work with sick and wounded patients, and their blood smells so good, and all I can see is food when Im supposed to care for them. 
No, being a werewolf is easy.  Im powerful and strong, which is why I am a deputy pack leader.  The complicated part is my alpha male, Danny Mason, and his lieutenant, Simon Bunce.  You see, I am in love with Danny, and so is Simon.  I am certain that Danny loves me too, but he wont commit to a relationship because he cares deeply for Simon.  Danny isnt gay, but he and Simon share a special relationship, and for that he makes exceptions.  And this is where the complications arise. 
Danny has only recently returned to Redcliffe after a long mission working undercover for the police in Scotland.  That is a whole different story.  While he was gone, Simon and I commanded the pack.  Simon took over as alpha male, and I was alpha female.  I still am in some ways, since Danny wont choose a mate, but I still fall in line behind Simon because he is stronger than me, and Danny defers everything to him. 
“Nurse Frost, did you hear me?” asked Doctor Wayne, rousing me from my thoughts.  I shook my head, cleared my throat, and ducked my head in an embarrassed gesture. 
“Sorry, Doctor Wayne, what did you say?” I asked politely.  But it was too late. 
Doctor Marianne Wayne couldnt stand dreamers, and she especially couldnt stand me.  Here in the hospital she was a successful cardio surgeon, with a track record of success and a skill with new medical techniques.  At five feet and ten inches tall she dwarfed my petite frame.  I knew she was jealous of my naturally blond hair, but what really upset her was my superiority outside of work.  Doctor Wayne is a member of our pack, and she wants the job of alpha female.  But in wolf form, I overpower her in every way.  She could never challenge me because I would win, and she knows that.  So at work, in the hospital, she makes my life a living hell.

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