Wednesday, 9 October 2013

#ReadMe – Beware the Wolf in My New Master - #HDH

Hello and welcome to the Hump Day Hook. Today I share an excerpt from my second published short story My New Master, featured in the YA anthology The Mirador Fantasmagoria. This gives some back story to our favourite lieutenant werewolf, Simon Bunce from the Redcliffe novels…

“Ok Marie, tell me about this family.  What do you want me to do?” 
She smiled again. 
“Simon you are so young, so innocent!  I know about your mother.  But I am not like her.  Actually I am like Danny.” 
Here she nodded in his direction and I half turned to look at him.  His face was serious, his blue eyes blazing as he spoke. 
“Marie please don’t do this.  You cannot destroy this boy’s life.  Let him go.” 
He moved towards Marie and suddenly she lunged at him.  I shouted her name and tried to block her but she was stronger than I thought.  Marie shoved me so hard I staggered back to the sofa and suddenly she was on top of me again, her hand clamped around my throat as she hissed in my ear. 
“You shouldn’t have done that, Simon.”
            She lifted her face and I whimpered as I saw her eyes, not human.  They were animal eyes.  She sniffed my face and nuzzled my neck.  I struggled but she was too strong and she held me firm against the sofa with her body.  I heard Detective Mason behind her and sensed him moving cautiously closer. 
“Mistress please let him go.  You are frightening him.  Your business is with me now;, punish me, not him.”
            She laughed and spoke while looking at my face. 
“Oh Danny you are so vain!  I will deal with you afterwards.  But first I must bring Simon into our family.” 
Suddenly she struck my neck, tearing at the flesh and biting me.  I cried out but the sound was muffled by the sound of her hand over my mouth.  I felt something clawing at my stomach, heard the sound of cloth and flesh tearing, then I felt searing pain as blood poured from my body.  Everything went black.

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  1. That was a scary scene. I hope Simon survives.

  2. Oh oh, that doesn't sound good! Great hook.

  3. Marie is definitely not a nice girl. I wonder if Danny has the same kind of power as he seems to be part of the family and if he does, why didn't he try to stop her as he seems to disapprove.

    1. Ah well, all will be told in time... check out Love Hurts for more!

  4. Hmmm...definitely a nail-biter that scene! Well done.