Wednesday, 13 November 2013

#NaNoWriMo – The Vampire of Blackpool - #HDH

Hello and welcome to the Hump Day Hook. In honour of National Novel Writing Month 2013, this week I share an excerpt from my ‘winning’ manuscript of NaNoWriMo 2012. Here is a snippet from The Vampire of Blackpool:

Samantha stared at me, her confidence growing.
“You didn’t answer my other question,” she said, “Why did you attack this man?”
I inclined my head.
“I already told you,” I said, “He provoked me.”
Samantha glared at me and stretched her head to one side so that I could just see the edge of a bandage covering her neck.
“Like I provoked you last night you mean?” she asked sarcastically, “I suppose I should be grateful you didn’t put me in the hospital.  I should have listened to Paul in the first place.”
I began to feel angry again.  It made me defensive.
“I did not mean to feed on you quite so violently,” I said, forcing myself to remain still, “And for that I apologize.”
She caught herself and stared at me curiously.
“You are apologizing?” she asked, “Wow.”
I stood up slowly, and she stiffened, holding up her hands.  Her power flared, and I realised she was preparing for an attack.
“I will not hurt you here,” I said, “I am fully fed and in control of my instincts.”
“Shit,” she said softly, “It was you who attacked the doctor downstairs.”
I nodded once, smiling again.
“Yes,” I replied, “He gave me what I needed to heal.”
Samantha frowned.
“What about this guy?” she asked, waving her hand at Ryan James, “What are you waiting for?”
My expression hardened.
“He is a vampire hunter,” I said quietly, “I require answers.  We battled last night after I left you.  He was hunting along the promenade, near the Pleasure Beach.  He found what he was looking for, but he was not prepared for a fight with such an old and powerful vampire.”

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*Vampire image courtesy of Deviant Art