Monday, 22 September 2014

The Redcliffe Novels are Back on Track! #amwriting

Hooray! After a year of dithering, of losing my muse, and of blaming pregnancy and motherhood for my lack of writing motivation, I am happy to say that the Redcliffe novels are back on track. I have returned to my manuscript for book 4 in the series, and things are fiery as ever. At present I do not have a title for the new book, and I'm not even halfway through writing the first draft, but I am getting the urge to keep at it, and it is firmly back in my conscious mind again. Here is a little snippet, just to whet your appetite...

        “Jack,” I gasped in surprise, “What do you mean, my kind? You sound so… distant.”
He smiled again, but I knew this was the vampire, not the man I loved.
“What do you expect, witch?” he asked, “Should I bow down at your feet and worship you like he does?”
I glanced at Danny, who had moved forward silently and now stood very close to my back, so close that I jumped and caught my breath. He was watching me steadily, unsmiling, apparently uncaring of his brother’s harsh tone.
“I do not worship you, Jessica,” Danny said quietly, “but I do need you. I need your power, and I need your body. I cannot deny that.”
I looked at Jack again, who was watching me with the eyes of a predator, distant and calculating. I swallowed, not sure what to do or say next.
“Jack,” I said, “Jack, please come back to me. Speak to me properly, Jack. I need you. Please.”
A shadow flickered across his eyes and his expression changed.
“Jessica,” he said slowly, “What have you done?”

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