Saturday, 25 October 2014

Inspired by the Ghosts I Meet #amwriting #paranormal

Did you know I am a ghost hunter? Yes, really, like the guys you see on Most Haunted, or Ghost Adventures, or TAPS. I actually do ghost investigations, séances and all the rest of it.  Well, I did up until I started having children. Now I am on what you might call extended maternity leave, but I am itching to return to my hunts.

Anyway, in honour of Halloween, and because I am reminiscing about my ghost hunting adventures, I have decided to share reports of some of my early investigations. You can see them over on my personal blog, Spooky Mrs Green (yes, that is where the spooky connection comes from!) I collectively call them the Ghost Hunter Diaries, and I might consider publishing a book at some point in the future. For now I will focus on my fiction work.

The ghosts and spirits I encountered, and the places I visited during the past eight years, have all helped with inspiration for my writing. Their characters, personalities and stories all appear in various forms and snippets. I have spent the night in haunted castles, houses, pubs, theatres and even in the famous Edinburgh Vaults. Ah yes, such happy memories! And, for an added bonus, I will share a couple of reports of other ghost hunts over here, to show you where my inspiration comes from.

Happy ghost story hunting my friends!

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  1. I very much look forward to hearing all about, what first got you interested and what was your first experience ... it all sounds so 'spooky' :D xxx