Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Marketing for Deadbroke Writers #ASMSG

One huge difficulty for me as an Indie author, is that of promotion and networking. It is an aspect of writing that I naively never contemplated at the time when I published my first novels. I thought that once the books went live, that would be it. People would find them, read them, rave about them, and I would be propelled into the glamorous world of fame and fortune.

Far from it! As I approach my fourth year in the business, so to speak, I have yet to make any big waves in book sales and audience interaction. My books are widely listed in all major retailers. I tried to get some interest in my local community, but it is surprisingly hard to get my books into the local library, and there are only so many newspaper stories I can manage when I don’t have events to publicize. My problem is that I don’t like talking about me. I was raised to be a  good, quiet, polite girl who thinks about other people before herself. That is all well and good, but it doesn't help me here.

I need to sell books. And I have no marketing budget. Writing is my job. It is my only form of personal income. I am wholly reliant on my husband to bring in a wage that can keep our family safe, secure and fed. But while he is doing that, I have to care for the children full time. And subsequently, it is very challenging for me to take the time and put in the effort that gets me known both online and in the community. My approach has been very scattered. But it’s all I can do for now.

If you are a newly published author, or you are about to publish a book, and you are searching for some help with this minefield of an industry, I have a suggestion. I am a member of a huge social network called ASMSG (Authors Social Media Support Group). It has grown dramatically during the past eighteen months or so, and I find the people that run it are incredibly supportive, helpful and knowledgeable. They have taught me a lot about my own processes, and they have helped to spread the word about my work.

I invite you now to check out a brand new author resource courtesy of ASMSG. Marketing for Deadbroke Writers is an online tutorial course. It will teach you everything about starting up in the publishing and writing industry. You can learn about social networking, how to link your accounts to save time and effort in marketing, how to set up a professional and workable website, and aspects of editing and producing high quality novels and stories that will actually sell. Take a look, and tell me how you get on…

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