Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Why I Love Anita Blake. Yes, that includes all of the sex!

I came across an article recently in which another reader was expressing her blatant disgust at the turn of events in the Anita Blake, vampire hunter series of novels by Laurell K Hamilton. I was actually quite surprised with the vehemence of her words. But then I stopped and thought about it. Everybody views the world around them differently. And evidently, some people, and that includes loyal fans of the Anita Blake series, have fallen out of love with our favourite feisty vampire hunter.

Why would this be? Well, basically, it seemed to happen at the time when Anita Blake gathered several metaphysical animal powers, and when she took time to develop her magical abilities. Then she realised that she actually needed to have sex. She couldn’t survive on violence alone. And she fell in love. On the face of it, that can sound quite amusing. When would anybody need to have sex? More frequently than you imagine, I think. Sex and love are intertwined, and that can be both a blessing and a curse for many people.

It all began with Guilty Pleasures 
When I first discovered Anita Blake, ooh, about twelve years ago, I fell in love instantly with her. I truly admire Laurell K Hamilton for continuing and persevering with her vision. She took many years to have her novels noticed by the big publishing houses. She never gave up. And now she has a series that is still going strong, and it has been republished in many formats, including comic books. I liked Anita Blake because she was a new kind of heroine back then. She was tough, she could fight, she could stand up for herself. And she didn't need love.

There it is. The Anita Blake series started out as more of an action-horror genre story. There was lots of violence, blood and guts. She raised zombies, she worked magic, and she killed vampires. But then she fell in love with a vampire. And a werewolf. And several other creatures. I think this is where people began to lose interest. And I personally think that is a very interesting observation on the nature of human beings today.

Photo credit Laurell K Hamilton
Why do we find it more acceptable to experience violence and pain than we do to experience love and sexual pleasure? Why is sex such a taboo subject of conversation, even in today’s modern, enlightened times? I don’t know. I enjoy reading about Anita Blake’s softer side. I like to see her having fun, relaxing and not being stuck in yet another fight to the death with some evil force or other. And yes, I even understand how she can be in love with more than one man (and woman). And I will continue to read the series for as long as Laurell K Hamilton continues to write it. She gave me the confidence to write my own novels, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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*Anita Blake image courtesy of Laurell K Hamilton

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