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#AtoZChallenge - Coven and Ceremony

Today on the #AtoZChallenge I will talk about the development of belonging to a Coven as seen in my Redcliffe novels series. Originally, my novels were only going to tell the stories of vampires and humans. I was very narrow minded, and never even entertained the notion that other supernatural creatures might appear in the narrative. My Muse, however, was far wiser. She knew that wherever you have a vampire, you invariably find werewolves, witches, and other vagrant and mysterious creatures that live hidden within the human world.

We only find out about the coven in my third novel, Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel), when Jessica begins her study of witchcraft in earnest. She is introduced to a local coven by her witch mentor, Crystal. Jessica feels a little awkward in the beginning, because her vague knowledge of covens is that they are very secretive, hidden, cult-like entities. This is probably because the human world, or perhaps more specifically, Western civilization, has grown up with the fear of witches after centuries of propaganda and negative conditioning.

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In truth a coven is simply a family unit. Traditionally they consist of 13 members, because this is  believed to be a magic number with special significance. Coven members with meet up on sacred dates to celebrate the festivals of the pagan calendar. These include Beltane in May, to signify the beginning of Summer, and Samhain in October, to signify the end of the year and a move into darkness as the weather changes and the days are shorter. The coven will celebrate appropriately using music, chanting, singing and symbolic food. It is basically an excuse for a party, where you can be free and safe among friends. Jessica is getting to know her new coven mates as she celebrates the harvest festival Mabon in my fourth novel Eye of the Tiger (currently a work in progress).

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