Thursday, 9 April 2015

#AtoZChallenge - Hidden Worlds

To study the paranormal is to reveal the secrets, delights and enchantment of Hidden worlds. I am more interested in the supernatural world, that of witches, vampires and shape shifters, but I did have a fleeting interest in aliens and anomalies during the X-Files years when I was a teenager.  Hidden worlds are fascinating to me, because they conceal our deepest fears, our most dangerous fantasies, and the magic and mystery that would once have been commonplace here on Earth.

The hidden world within Redcliffe town on the south coast of Cornwall is full of adventure and danger, especially to Jessica Stone. There are two very powerful, and very proud, vampires living in the town. Both have spent time living away from Redcliffe, which perhaps explains why Jessica did not meet them when she first moved from Manchester in the north of England. And then we have the hidden world of the Redcliffe werewolf pack. The wolves’ lair is concealed beneath The Ship Inn, a public house that was reputedly a smugglers’ haunt back in the olden days.

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The lair of the Redcliffe wolf pack is hidden inside a series of caves and caverns that are carved into the cliffs of Redcliffe Bay. Above these caves, you must walk up a steep incline to access Redcliffe Forest, a vast expanse of plant life and close-knit trees that are home to myriad animals, birds and insects. These animals provide fodder for the werewolf pack when they go out to hunt at night. The forest is dense enough to hide supernatural creatures from human eyes.  All this and more are hidden within our human world, just waiting to be discovered.

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