Thursday, 16 April 2015

#AtoZChallenge - Natural Instinct

All creatures are ruled by Natural instinct. Humans are driven by ego and emotion. We have created a world that is dominated by the desire for money, and the notion that this brings power and respect. We continually fight among ourselves, we love with passion and pride, we hate and struggle and survive. All of these emotions come naturally to us. They cannot be seen as physical entities. They simply manifest in our behaviour and our attitude. The same is true for supernatural creatures. Only their natural instinct can sometimes be far more deadly and dangerous.

Think about it. The werewolves are both human and animal. They exhibit all of the characteristics from two species. They have strong urges to hunt, to fight, to kill, to procreate. They feel deep emotion, they love and hate fiercely and in equal measure. The whole mix of natural instinct is a potent and powerful combination. And then there are the vampires. More than anything, they are driven by a natural instinct to hunt for blood. It controls them. It consumes them. Theirs is an eternal battle to appear human, to suppress these dangerous desires, and to avoid killing anything that moves, so that they may feed and satiate their never-ending thirst. Their senses are powerfully sharp and sensitive. They feel everything far more deeply than humans. Is it any wonder they get grumpy?

And how about other creatures? Witches, for example. Witches are essentially human. Their bodies are prone to illness and can be damaged by intent or accident. They have the same intellect, the same emotions, the same natural instinct. But they also have magic on their side. They have power animals, mystical creatures that guide them, support them, and sometimes fight against them. Witches learn to tread the line between human and animal. In the Redcliffe novels, Jessica Stone has a lot to learn once she discovers her hidden magic and power. She battles with her desires and urges, believing them to be wrong, when all she wants to do is follow her instincts and act on what feels natural. She was raised in a human world, with human morals and ideals. Maybe they are not right for her. It is for Jessica to decide.

If you are interested in seeing other participants for the #AtoZChallenge, check them out on the official website. We have everything from book stuff, to cooking, to photography, to travel, and a whole lot more. Happy April!

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