Tuesday, 21 April 2015

#AtoZChallenge - Ritual and Relationships in Redcliffe

Ooh, what a tantalizing title of alliteration! Ha ha, I couldn't resist that one. Today for my #AtoZChallenge, I will explain a little about the importance of Ritual in my paranormal world. And I had to throw in relationships and Redcliffe at the last moment, because, well, they are the essence of the Redcliffe novels. My paranormal romance series is all about the relationships between our witch protagonist, Jessica Stone, and her vampires and werewolves. Oh yes, there are more than one! Not all are romantic interests, you understand, but the threat is always there, simmering below the surface…

Most people associate ritual with witchcraft or shamanism, some form of spiritual, magical practice that evokes unknown entities to cause chaos or heal the sick. This is an element of spiritual work. A ritual is simply a special routine, something used for a specific purpose. For example, witches who use candle magic, will set out their candles in specific shapes, such as the pentagram, to symbolise the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit with which they work. They may wear special robes, and eat food that relates specifically to the ritual they are performing. It is all designed to call out those hidden forces of magic and mystery that we simply refuse to see in our daily lives. It is our way of creating sacred space in which to work, separating the magical from the mundane.

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Jessica Stone learns the importance of ritual during her explorations in witchcraft. She observes the Redcliffe wolf pack, and she watches how the vampires behave, learning about their individual and group ritual practices. Jessica only discovered she was a witch when she fell in love with a vampire, and so she is wary of magic and spells. She soon embraces her heritage, however, because it all comes so naturally to her. The ritual side of it is something that she must learn about. She will study her craft, listen to her mentor, and acknowledge her own daily rituals as she moves through her adventures in Redcliffe, and beyond.

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