Tuesday, 28 April 2015

#AtoZChallenge - Sex is the ultimate eXperience

Well, the month has flown by, and now we are in the final days of the #AtoZChallenge. And you know what that means? The final, and probably trickiest, letters to write about. None more so than the subject of today’s post. I couldn’t find a word beginning with X to correlate with the Redcliffe novels, so I chose words containing this sharp letter instead. Today we talk about how sex is the ultimate eXperience in Redcliffe, and in the supernatural world.

Over here in the UK we like to think that we are an open minded and easy going nation. The funny thing is, when it comes to sex, we are so uptight it is laughable. Our media outlets overflow with cautionary tales of sexual exploitation, sex gone wrong, and basically tell us that sex is scary, dangerous, and we should avoid it at all costs. This all comes at the same time we are being coerced into embracing our sexual nature, flaunting our gorgeous bodies (especially the ladies, am I right?), and making ourselves available for procreation and the self fulfilling prophecy of a good old-fashioned family unit. But only in a safe environment. That is very important. Safety in numbers is essential in our society, except when it comes to sexual relations. Then, we are to trust in one other person completely, as we open ourselves up and reveal our most hidden, delicate, and sensitive traits.

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It is little wonder, then, that our heroine in the Redcliffe novels finds herself conflicted when she falls in love with a vampire, and finds herself lusting after his identical twin brother who happens to be a werewolf. Jessica Stone is not inexperienced when it comes to sex. She is not particularly embarrassed about enjoying sex for fun. She is, however, stuck in the belief that a person should only ever have one sexual partner at any given time in their life. And they most certainly should not ever consider having sex with their boyfriend’s brother. Not even when magic, mystery, and supernatural power is involved. Jessica cannot take chances. She cannot give in to her sexual urges, even if the eXperience would leave her satisfied and fulfilled. Or can she?

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