Wednesday, 29 April 2015

#AtoZChallenge - Yield to the Wolf and the Tiger

It is interesting to see that as I progress through the Redcliffe novels, the call of the werewolves becomes ever louder and more demanding. The vampires seem to hide in the shadows, watching, waiting, and feeding. The wolves, however, are powerful, assertive creatures, who will stop at nothing to dominate whatever and whoever takes their fancy. So it seems for our hapless heroine, Jessica Stone, as she battles with her feelings towards the identical twin brother of her vampire lover, werewolf alpha Danny Mason. The Yowl of the werewolf is a haunting sound, one that draws you in, and calls to a deeper, primitive, animal instinct.

Jessica has not seen much of the werewolves actually in wolf form. When she does, it is usually in stressful situations, when they call forth their animal power to protect and defend their precious witch. At least, that is how she seems to the alpha wolf. His subordinates are not so welcoming. Danny Mason has connected with Jessica on a magical level. He refuses to give up on her, and he will pursue her relentlessly until she gives him what he wants. Her problems are further complicated by the call of her ethereal animal familiar, the snow tiger, Suri. She wants the alpha wolf as a plaything. The wolf and the tiger repeatedly howl, growl, and yowl their insistence to their witch. Their voices grow louder. Her resistance grows weaker.

What is a young witch to do? She has not long come into her powers. She is only just learning how to work spells, how to defend herself from enemies using magic, and how to celebrate the important seasonal festivals observed by her coven. Everything is distorted and confused. Jessica is absolutely certain that Jack Mason is her soulmate, even if he is a vampire. He loves her, and yet he is angry about what she has done. She feels the same way towards him. And always, creeping ever closer, is the alpha wolf, waiting for his chance to pounce. He will consume Jessica if she allows him. He will offer comfort, protection, support, and the greatest pleasure she has ever known. But what is his price? And what will happen if the wolf and the tiger come together in a cacophony of magical chaos?

If you are interested in seeing other participants for the #AtoZChallenge, check them out on the official website. We have everything from book stuff, to cooking, to photography, to travel, and a whole lot more. Happy April!

*Wolf image courtesy of List25; Tiger image courtesy of 500px

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