Friday, 3 July 2015

Settling in at #CampNaNoWriMo

The sun is shining as we enjoy day 4 of the Great British summer heatwave. I’m not so good in hot weather. My skin is white, and will often turn bright red even beneath layers of factor 50 sun cream. I have auburn hair and lots of freckles (more so during summer). You will usually find me sitting in the shade, a thin shawl draped across my shoulders, my floppy hat pulled low over my sunglasses, book in hand. Or at least, you used to, before I had children. Nowadays you will find me throwing small people into a paddling pool at high speed. They love it!

But back to Camp. My eldest daughter is at preschool. My youngest is having quiet time in bed. She is suffering with the extreme temperatures as well, although neither girl has inherited my hair colouring. I’m enjoying a light lunch, pottering around my virtual cabin, mentally preparing myself for day 3 of #CampNaNoWriMo. I’m off to a good start. So far my vampire protagonist has set the scene. He will not yet reveal his name, however. He likes to play games with people, and he despises humans. Apparently we are only a food source, nothing more. He has communicated that he is bored, and now a lone vampire hunter has come after him. He plans to play with her, to alleviate the tedium of his existence. She, however, has other plans…

Yes, the creative juices are beginning to flow. It is time to grab my laptop, take a glass of fizzy pop, and find a space in the virtual forest, where I can sit uninterrupted and write. I’ve got the sun cream on. My floppy hat is waiting, along with my trusty sunglasses. Let us wander off into the wilderness, and find a suitable spot… ah, over there, underneath that huge, old oak tree. I can lean against its sturdy trunk, balance the laptop on my crossed legs, and lose myself in the story… see you later!

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