Tuesday, 22 September 2015

To Kindle, or not to Kindle, that is the question #publishing

OK, folks, I need some advice. I have written three novels during the past two years that so far remain unpublished. Admittedly, I have only allowed myself to release one into the hands of potential publishers and agents, but I think the other two are just about ready to be birthed. My challenge now, is finding the right way to publish and actually make a bit of money to live on. Up to now I am reliant on my husband for a financial income, because my novels are not being seen (and bought) by enough people in the right places.

Now, I have been doing some research. I still hold a dream of finding an agent, even though I know that is not a shortcut to fame and fortune. Even having an agent would not bring me the big publishing contract that I wait for. However, I feel that having an agent would take some of the strain away from me, because they would find the right publishers for my work, and I could be free to get on and do the writing that is screaming for my attention. At present I am distracted by promoting, networking and researching just where to send my books, and who to direct my attention towards. What I need is an agent with the right contacts in the right places, but then so do we all.

Anyway, it has occurred to me that perhaps now might be a good time to self publish. I am something of a hybrid author, because my novels to date have been made possible by a partnership publisher (Mirador), and a small traditional publisher (Chances Press). Their remit is limited due to their size, however, and some of my books are simply not suitable for their requirements. I understand that. It is the nature of business. So now I wonder, should I release a novel on Kindle, and do the work myself? I seem inundated with advertising from independent specialists who keep trying to sign me up to their own self-publishing programmes, where they claim I will learn how to earn a “genuine 6-figure income” from publishing my books on Kindle.

I know that these claims do actually ring true. If you know how to manipulate the market, you clue yourself up on keywords and auto bots, and all the necessary internet jargon, it is possible to sell your books to a wide international audience. But I also know that it is a huge leap of faith, because the responsibility is solely mine. I have to edit my book, provide a good front cover for it, and ensure that it is properly formatted and presented so that it looks professional and provides a good experience for the reader. I know I can do this. The question is, do I want to? Or should I play the waiting game and continue sending out my manuscripts to publishers and agents, until somebody says yes? Come on friends, I need your advice…

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