Thursday, 6 October 2016

#NationalPoetryDay – Living with the Black Dog

The sun is shining brightly
And the air is crisp and clear,
You barely slept again last night
I was there, so far, so near.

What thoughts distract your tired mind?
What torment must you feel?
You worry, stress, so much to do
You’re on the hamster wheel.

Come home, I say,
we need you here.
Oh no, you say,
There’s much to fear.

My work won’t wait
I’m all alone,
And there we wait
Just by the phone.

I love you, husband
I know you care.
We wait here for you
While the demons keep you there.

Life is too hectic
We never stop to think,
Just why is it so important?
To push ourselves to the brink?

Of mental health disorder
Of chaos, anger and tears,
Our life falls into madness
While you succumb to your fears.


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