Thursday, 15 December 2016

My Christmas Wish List for Writing Inspiration

I was pondering my Christmas list earlier this week, and realised that it has altered a little bit in recent years. It has gone from a request for books about publishing, to books about writing, to other specific texts. Now I am seeking books about subjects that include Tarot reading and reiki. The Tarot reading is an interesting one, because inevitably, it includes Tarot card decks as well.

There are lots of beautiful Tarot cards available, and my current favourite is my Gilded Tarot because the artwork is colourful and passionate, which reflects my mood. Back in October and early November I favoured my Vampire Tarot cards because they were Gothic and dark, reflecting the shadows and gloom of my mood at that time. This week I am drawn to use my Universal Waite Tarot card deck for the #365DaysofTarot challenge. I like its simplicity and bright, bold design. What Tarot decks might I request for Christmas? Ooh, so many beautiful cards…

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