Thursday, 8 December 2016

Vlad: The Real Dracula #amreading

I am currently reading a very powerful novel by C.C. Humphreys. Vlad – The Epic Novel of the Real Dracula, is a completely enthralling, violent and disturbing story. I had the paperback sitting in my “to be read” pile for a very long time, and I have now been reading it for over a month. Usually I would devour a novel like this within a couple of weeks, but family life, and writing, have intervened to disrupt old habits.

Anyway, I am still reading, and today I have been thinking about events in the novel while I went about my daily business. Such is the nature of the story, and the quality of writing, that it really has me gripped and desperate to continue reading. It has evoked some very powerful emotional responses, since it is incredibly violent and passionate. I felt compelled to share my reading journey at this point, and to say that when I do finish reading Vlad, probably later this week, I will need to read something light hearted and cheerful. I recommend the novel, but be warned, it is extremely dark and dangerous!

Part of the reason for my distraction from reading is my participation in #Blogmas over on my SpookyMrsGreen the Pagan Housewife blog. Go and check it out if you are interested!

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