Monday, 23 January 2017

Author Brand Design

The world of publishing is certainly diverse these days. And there is so much more to being an author than simply writing your masterpiece and sending it out to the world. For starters, we need to decide whether to throw ourselves at the mercy of the publishing gatekeepers, only to be rejected time and time again, or whether to go it alone.

We know that being an independent (Indie) author can prove quite lucrative if it is done properly. I have learned during the past couple of years that all of those “overnight success stories” we hear about in the media are not necessarily accurate. The authors behind those successes have often spent years, anything up to a decade or longer, writing, publishing, networking and marketing before making their breakthrough.

I am at the point now where the idea of being an actual “proper” author is sinking in. I think we need to feel the lifestyle in order to project it. Up to now it has pretty much been a hobby that kept me entertained during my long days stuck at home nursing babies and preschoolers. Now my children are getting older, I am finding a bit more time to myself, and I must treat it like a job. Now I am developing my author brand. Exciting!

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