Thursday, 19 January 2017

Do I Need Book Swag?

I have attended a few book signing events during recent years, and have noticed a growing trend for something called “book swag.” For those of you not in the know, book swag is basically free stuff that you get from authors keen to spread the word about their books. It could include posters, promotional flyers, keyrings, pens and even more specific items like lip balms, all emblazoned with an author logo or book cover.

Now, I do not yet have any official book swag. Indeed, the signing events I previously attended did not specifically call for such a thing. My eyes were opened when I attended the Sandbach Author Signing Event back in November 2016. At this event I was surrounded by professional indie authors, most of whom proudly displayed (and distributed) a variety of colourful, promotional free gifts to their visitors. All I had to offer was a few business cards and a couple of flyers. Boring!

In February I will attend the West Midlands Valentines Book Signing and Ball. I don’t yet have any official book swag, but I plan to procure something of interest, if only to keep up with my fellow authors and their established marketing practice. It is all a huge learning curve for me as I step into another new world in the hopes of finding my readers. Perhaps I can tempt them out with a fruity Redcliffe lip balm, or a Blackpool souvenir with a vampire twist… Any suggestions?

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