Thursday, 9 February 2017

Book Review: Blood of the Tainted by Alex Laybourne

Today I share a review of a very disturbing, and very compelling, novel that I recently read. I am a fan of horror, and I like to think I have seen it all and read it all. Oh no, not quite. Alex Laybourne has been nicknamed by some as the Prince of Horror, and reading this book, I can see why…


Nosferatu meets John Carpenter’s Vampires – a gruesome combination!

The story begins with a disturbing murder, and immediately you feel kinship with the victim and the characters that quickly become involved. It all takes place in a small, rural town that I think could represent somewhere in the US, but also feels a little like it could be in the UK, so I suppose it works for the reader. That element of confusion always increases the horror, anyway. There is a very sweet, burgeoning romance between two teenage girls, but as you can imagine, in this story, it isn’t allowed to progress too far. At least not in the way you would think. Gruesome rites of passage, confusing, mysterious strangers, and the old-fashioned monster that is the vampire preying on innocent humans. Just don’t read this if you are of a nervous disposition. If you enjoy classic, atmospheric horror, go for it!

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