Monday, 13 February 2017

‘The Valentine’s Card’ from My Vampire Boyfriend Anthology

Happy Valentine’s Day, my book loving friends! I am feeling all soppy and romantic after spending some quality time with my husband this weekend (and no, we didn’t do roses and dating!) Anyway, today I share with you an excerpt from the short story The Valentine’s Card which features inside the Redcliffe short story anthology, My Vampire Boyfriend. You can download the book today for just 99p! Consider it my Valentine’s Day gift to you…

“The card was white with a vase of pink roses printed on the front, glittered for effect. It didn’t feel like something Jack would send. It looked garish and dated. I opened it up, feeling a strange sense of dread. There was a message inside, printed by hand in blue biro. It read, “Happy Valentine’s Day Jessica. See you tonight, my little witch.”

I gasped. There was only one person who had called me ‘little witch,’ and she was dead. I destroyed her myself several months ago. I felt sick, picked up my phone, and called Jack.”

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