Monday, 6 March 2017

Book Review: She Wolf by Elizabeth Morgan

I finally got around to reading She Wolf by Elizabeth Morgan. This is a contemporary werewolf love story set in Scotland, and I loved it! The scenery was beautiful, as you would expect. We hear the story of a werewolf pack with ancient lineage, and how its youngsters continue the family business. And then there is the love story between our feisty she-wolf and her mate. The tension is brilliantly worked, and the characters could be my mates from the local pub, I feel so familiar with them. I highly recommend this book!

Rugged, Scottish Werewolves – how could I resist?

This book is seriously sexy, and deeply passionate. I like the way it is told from both protagonists' points of view. I feel like part of the pack after reading this book, and now I need to read the series!

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