Thursday, 6 April 2017

“My Mummy’s a Vampire Writer”

I make no secret of the fact that I write adult novels. My children are only young, aged 6 and 3, and my eldest daughter is now of an age where she can read full sentences. I realised that I must now take care of what I am writing when she is in the room! I had a similar experience with our next-door neighbour a few years ago, so have been fairly secretive since then. I usually write my novels at night, when the children are in bed.

Anyway, I took my daughters to our local Scribe Festival recently. As a volunteer organiser, I took an active role in preparation of the event, and on the day, I wanted my children to get involved with the family activities. They loved it! I also wanted an author presence at the event, so I took my display banner and a collection of books to showcase. My banner has a vampire image on it, taken from the cover of my short story, Christmas with the Vampires. I thought nothing of it until my daughter studied the image for a while, asked a few questions about what that red stuff in the glass was, why was the lady lying down, and was the man a vampire? She began to look a little frightened as I explained that it was from one of my stories. Whoops!

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