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#FreeBooks Short Story Anthology by @AuthorNiamh #LGBT #LesFic


Today I share with you a short story anthology by Niamh Murphy...
Magic and Romance: A Collection of Lesbian Short Stories

Magic and Romance is a cross-genre anthology of Sapphic tales.

If you like reading about student-life, vampires, werewolves, ballroom dancing, historical romance, or even epic fantasy, all with a twist of lesbian romance and a dash of adventure then you will love this exciting, funny, and free collection of Niamh Murphy’s lesbian short stories.

- In Rhythm (Contemporary Teen Romance)
Kara Telfer wants to be a great dancer. When she dances with her instructor, Ruby, their chemistry is obvious. The problem is, she has to dance with Felix, and the competition is tomorrow.

- Enthralled (Lesbian Vampire Thriller)
Stella is a huntress, she only has one mission: to kill. But one night she decides to take on a Vampire hive alone, and with an ulterior motive...

- Is She? (Contemporary LGBT Humour)
Claire is lesbian, has just started university, and has the most beautiful housemate in the world: Jasmine. But how do you tell if a girl is interested?

- The Lady Edris and the Kingdom in a Cave (Adult Myth & legend, Authurian Adaptation)
Lady Edris is on a quest to find the cure for a terrible plague when she is captured by the very woman from whom she has sought help. Should she agree to terms and betray her people, or trust a stranger and risk her life?

- Reason to Stay (Lesbian Teen Humour)
"I admit it, the way I handled this was all wrong. I got a little obsessive, then got a bit freaked out and then made some HUGE mistakes. Now the whole thing has got a little bit messy... but right now I need to run because there is a girl and I need to tell her something before she leaves. Forever."

- Mask of the Highwaywoman (Historical Action Adventure)
When Evelyn Thackery, the spirited daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, ventures across rough terrain to meet her future husband, she’s abducted by a gang of vicious outlaws, one of whom she finds strangely fascinating.

- The Black Hound (Victorian Gothic Werewolf Suspense)
When Isobel is forced to live with her beautiful, but cold, Aunt in the crumbling ruins of Lansdowne, her only escape is to walk for a few hours on the bleak and lonely moors, but something sinister lurks in the darkness…

- Delicious (Contemporary Lesbian Erotica)
Realising she is pining for someone out of her reach, Charlotte decides to end her friendship with her cookery teacher, Nadia, and move on. But Nadia is not the type to let her go that easily...


There was just enough light for her to see. They were both there; the Queen and her thrall. It made her stomach squirm. It had been so long, so long since she had seen her, so long since she had been this close. Even in all those months of tracking, she had never got this close to her. 

It had been an obsession. It was all that kept her going; it had consumed her until there was nothing left but the hunt. And now she was here, just an arm’s reach away from her and she wanted to get closer, she had to get closer.

To Stella, the Queen was nothing but a leech. Sucking the life blood from her victim, keeping them in a thrall the way a spider keeps a fly in its web, keeping them alive only for the convenience of fresh blood. It made her sick.

She watched them, the Queen and her victim. It hurt to watch her, to see such a beautiful young woman reduced to a doe-eyed fool worshiping at the feet of a parasite. But Stella knew she was under a thrall, knew it was just a hypnotic trance, a love potion capable of warping even the strongest of minds into believing it must obey its mistress.

The Queen leant in, stroking her victim’s cheek. She was going to drink. Stella was repulsed; she couldn’t let it happen. She couldn’t stand by and watch even one more drop of blood be taken.
She smashed the window.

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