Monday, 21 August 2017

Guest Author Feature: Werebear Shifter Romance Tales #ASMSG

** 8 fun sexy, sassy, stories for the 18+ reader **

 Secrets. Passion. Unpredictability.

Karen's love for Pietro survived learning he was a Werebear Shifter. Now, she must measure up to the Alpha bear and learn what it means to become part of the pack.

Hannah has lived life on her terms. She made her way, and now she's chosen the man she'll love for life. Only his secret holds them back. He will reveal it, but will they survive it?

Brandon must protect his pack, despite the position his pack members put him in. He will ensure the safety and security of his family no matter what it takes.

Pietro and Bryan must stand with their Alpha, despite the scrutiny their mates face. Only with his approval will their hearts be entirely whole.

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