Thursday, 7 December 2017

Christmas is Calling #amwriting #writers #indie

It is the time of year where I take stock of my work and begin to step away from the computer for some well-earned rest. I have been very busy! 2017 saw me take huge leaps forward in my self-publishing journey, and I finally feel like I might start seeing a positive response from my efforts. In fact, I might even begin to find that elusive audience I have been seeking for all these years…

Add to that the release of 3 new books during the past six months, the development of three more, and lots of other smaller projects, and you can see why I am exhausted. It hit me all of a sudden earlier this week. I think it is time for me to sit back and catch up on reading for a change. I am currently battling my way through The Shining by Stephen King – it’s a great book, but I am struggling with such a hefty tome right now. But I will not be beaten. It is ironic that I began the year reading a book by Stephen King (On Writing), and I end the year reading one of his books. Merry Christmas!


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