Monday, 11 June 2018

My Vampire Boyfriend (A Redcliffe Anthology) #erotic #summerholiday #beachreads

Why must you run away from our wolf, Jessica?”
            I opened my eyes as I heard the voice of my animal familiar, Suri, drifting through my head. Rinsing shampoo out of my hair, I angled my head forward so the jet of hot water hit my shoulder blades. The shower pressure was nice and strong, and I took a moment to savour the sensation, almost like a massage. My shoulders were very tense these days.
            “I didn’t run away from him, Suri,” I said out loud to the empty bathroom, “He was busy with Simon and I didn’t want to intrude.”
            He always has time for us,” my snow tiger insisted, “You are his mate. You come before all others in his pack, and you know it.
            I shuddered even with the heat of the shower enveloping me. This magic was very strong, and very potent. It frightened me, not least because I was the one that had made the connection with Danny, and I didn’t know how. Apparently, my animal familiar was very powerful in her own right, but she remained trapped in a magical world somewhere within my psyche. I couldn’t explain it to anyone, although I had tried with my human best friend Liz. It was very difficult.
            “I am not his mate,” I insisted, smoothing conditioner into my hair, “I am his friend. And I am his brother’s girlfriend.”

This anthology contains adult themes, and scenes of a sexual nature. The short stories offer a glimpse into the sexual adventures of a fledgling witch, her vampire and werewolf, and their friends in various situations.

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