Monday, 9 July 2018

NHS Nurses in my Novels #NHS70

Did you know that some of my novels feature NHS nurses and doctors as supporting characters? I mention this only because we are celebrating 70 years of the National Health Service, and I thought you might be interested…

In the Redcliffe Novels series, we meet NHS nurse Sally Frost who leads a double life as lieutenant and law enforcer for the Redcliffe werewolf pack. She is helplessly in love with her alpha wolf, but he won’t commit, so she settles for the unofficial role of alpha female as they battle to keep the enemy out and their wolves safe… but sometimes their own wolves can cause trouble, as we discover when Sally has a run-in with her professional colleague from the hospital, Dr Kimberley Wayne. Download your FREE copy of It’s Complicated to see what happens.

In Vampire of Blackpool you can read what happens when an ancient female vampire meets a young witch who works as an NHS nurse. They fall into an unexpected romance with deadly consequences, made worse by the appearance of a vampire hunter. You will find references to the NHS in most of my novels, actually, since my hunters, humans and creatures usually end up in the hospital at some point during their adventures. Happy Birthday, NHS!

My novels are adult paranormal with equal amounts of dark romance and contemporary English Gothic. Sign up now for special offers, book release news, and your FREE Redcliffe story to get started.

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