Sunday, 19 August 2018

Book Review: Untangling the Webs by Joy Pearson

This book made me feel excited about growing older! Now, that might sound odd, but bear with me. Untangling the Webs is the story of relationships and real life. We follow the journeys of women who have experienced love and heartbreak, who have battled through illness, raised children, nurtured careers, and kept on going when life got tough. This book picks up the story of a retired woman mourning for a missing lover, a woman in her early forties who finds love when she has given up hope, of women who have been “the other woman” in other people’s marriages. I liked the fact that all the characters had flaws and strengths in equal measure, making them likeable and believable. The webs mentioned in the title could well represent the physical journeys taken by these women and men, as well as the entanglements of their lives. They all meet up somewhere along the line, and I enjoyed reading the story as it wove together, and bits of the puzzle clicked into place. Oh, and there was some good sex in there as well, if you like it a little bit racy!

You can buy Untangling the Webs in all the usual places, and you can request it from your local library in the UK. Find Joy Pearson on Facebook and learn more about her personal journey as she wrote this book. You won’t regret adding this one to your reading pile!

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