Monday, 13 August 2018

Night Stairs to Dormitory #LoveCastles

Do you like my title? Sounds like a fascinating book, don’t you think? Well, it hasn’t been written yet, at least not by me. I just returned from a family holiday in Northumberland, and we visited the Holy Island Lindisfarne. Using our English Heritage membership, we visited Lindisfarne Priory, and enjoyed a fascinating tour of this religious relic. I found the site peaceful and full of intrigue, including the information plaques that were scattered about the ruins.

 This one in particular caught my imagination. The ruined steps are crumbling and stand in the middle of a grassy area, what was once the priory hall. Looking across and up, I could see more steps floating in the ruined tower, and I could only imagine how it must have felt to be a monk trudging up those dark and cold stairs on this lonely island all those centuries ago. Why did they have night stairs to the dormitory? What was the significance? I couldn’t find out while I was there, but I haven’t yet read the guide book that I bought. Perhaps that will hold the answers I seek…

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