Monday, 6 August 2018

Secrets: Dreya Love Book 3 by Dana Lyons

There’s no going back.

Martin Nash was once seven years old and longed for words of love from his mother. At thirty-five, he knows he’s never going to hear them from her. But he’s willing to kill for as long as it takes … until someone tells him the words.

As Dreya, Rhys, Quinn, and Simon discover the dangerous position they’re in by being Noble, they search for a way to fit exceptional into their everyday life. While old habits provide a never-ending challenge going forward, no one would go back.

Nobility transformed them and their lives.

Nobility, a genetic modification created by Dr. Anthony Lazar, uses latent animal DNA to cage the human ego and bring mankind a higher moral code free of envy, greed, and jealousy. Noble means possessing an exceptional character in the face of adversity. Dreya, Rhys, Quinn, and Simon discover being Noble and exceptional in a human world isn’t easy.

In the midst of this uncertainty, Dreya puts herself in the line of fire with a serial killer who has a fetish for eyeballs. What she doesn’t know is …

Nothing is safe and nowhere is private.

It’s not a good time to have secrets.

About the Author

Where did my writing begin?

In the winter of 2002 I sat down and wrote my first romance. This surreal experience lasted 7 days, with a one day break in the middle. I wrote 10,000 words a day. What I produced was awful, but a great story. I had obviously been bitten, and yet I didn't know how to write, simple as that. So the process of learning how to write began for me with RWA. I jumped into the conferences, seminars and online courses with determination, reading books on how to write, and how not to write. I went to meetings with other want-to-be writers and published authors and listened to what everyone had to say. I shelved the first novel because another story had taken root in my mind and I began THE ROSETTA COIN. My critique partner sent it back looking like sushi. :-( But I kept working because I knew writing was a talent I could polish. The paranormal experiences my characters work through are loosely based on the possibilities of a Multidimensional Universe laced with the spooky actions of Quantum physics. A new time travel romance is currently working, with plans for another adventure novel coming next, followed by a sequel to Druae. Adding to this mix, I have an idea for a time traveler series. It seems there is always another story to write, bringing new readers to Dana's work.

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