Monday, 10 September 2018

#AmWriting Ghost Hunter Diaries

It is funny how random encounters can trigger memories and encourage us to act. Last week I received a phone call from a journalist, and following that conversation, I remembered that I never did write up my Ghost Hunter Diaries for publication. These are a series of memoirs from my years of ghost hunting with North West Spirit Seekers, around ten years ago. I learned a lot about mediumship and paranormal investigation, and I experienced a lot of activity in various locations, mainly around the North West of England, but I also managed a few hunts in other parts of the country, in Wales and in Scotland.

Interested? You can read a few of my original Ghost Hunter Diaries over on my SpookyMrsGreen blog. For now, I am writing up the non-fiction book into some sort of coherent form, and I will begin seeking a publisher. Do you have any suggestions or know of any open submissions?

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