Monday, 24 September 2018

I Called, and You Came – Thank You!

Last week I went through a mini crisis of confidence. My freelance work had dried up and my blog seemed to have fallen into a void, with little or no response to recent blog posts. Perhaps my fragile ego needed some attention. Maybe I just felt like having a tantrum. Whatever it was, I decided to write out my frustrations, and posted on with the desperate title Is Anyone There?

The answer was swift and was a resounding yes! Not only did I receive some very heartfelt comments on the blog post, but some of my close personal friends spoke directly to me and said that they do read my blog posts, and they enjoy reading them. That is all I needed. I love writing. I want other people to love what I write. Yes, alright, my blog posts are personal and will sometimes be completely irrelevant to other people. Other times I will post sponsored content or reviews. But all of it comes from the heart, my heart, and that is the point of being a writer. Thank you, my friends. I truly appreciate your love and support.

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1 comment:

  1. Always love reading your blog posts lovely and of course your novels!! Don't kick yourself for trying to get that work life balance. Sometimes you will be winning, sometimes you need to slow down. But it all is worth while. xxx