Monday, 5 August 2019

How to Love a Vampire

Do you love vampires? Are you fascinated by the mythology of these creatures, who present as human but can cause so much death and destruction? I studied vampires in popular culture for my bachelor’s degree at university many years ago, and that brought me to the point of writing my first vampire novel, Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel). I am now writing the last book in the series, and my vampires have battled with hunters, werewolves, witches and their own kind. To love a vampire is to enter a world of danger. Part of their allure is the promise of magic and power, but truthfully vampires exist only to feed. They can feed on more than human blood, but feed they must, and when they don’t, the consequences can be very dangerous. Here is an excerpt from book 5 in the Redcliffe novels series, Heart of the Vampire:

 “You have to feed, Jack,” I insisted, “And you cannot use me. We tried that before and you almost killed me, remember?”

“You found a way to survive,” my vampire replied gruffly.

I laughed, but it was not amusement that brought such a reaction.

“I survived,” I said, emphasizing the word, “because of your brother. Danny saved me. He sacrificed his wolves so that I could claw back some human strength. Maybe that’s what caused this…” I gestured to the empty space on the bed behind me, “thing with Suri.”

“Perhaps,” Jack replied quietly, “But the point is, you survived.”

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