Monday, 2 August 2021

Compassion and Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel)

Since qualifying as a Reiki Master Practitioner I have been meditating on the daily precepts by which we live in reiki circles. One of these is: “Be compassionate to yourself and to others.”  This got me thinking, how does Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) deal with this issue? Do my characters feel compassion for each other, do they have strong decisive morals, or are they completely indifferent?


My heroine Jessica Stone believes herself to be an independent and compassionate woman. She does not show prejudice, she lives a good honest, hard working life, and she is friendly to everyone that she interacts with. But when she discovers that the man she loves is a vampire, and his brother is a werewolf, her morals go out of the window. In her confusion she experiences adultery, pain, heartbreak and terror.

Following her tumultuous experience after the revelations of the people she loves, Jessica is thrown into turmoil about her own feelings. Her friends and lover have betrayed her in the worst possible way. How does she continue? Her story is told in the sequel Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel). The title alone may give you some idea where this paranormal romance is heading.

Will Jessica show compassion and remain faithful to her vampire Jack Mason? Will she share herself with his werewolf brother Danny? Or will she leave them altogether, and make a clean break and a fresh start?


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