Sunday, 27 March 2022

There’s a Vampire Hunter in Town! New British Paranormal Suspense

I was searching through old files recently and discovered this little gem from a work in progress. It’s a vampire hunter novel set in and around Middlewich, UK, my hometown.

I started writing it when a fan approached me on an event and asked if I could bring the vampires closer to home. I happily took up the challenge, but the book is not finished. I should return to that later this year if nothing else distracts me in the meantime. Anyway, here is an excerpt to tantalise your imagination:




            “Dr Worthington,” the man said politely as he stood before her.

            She looked up at him without smiling. He wore blue jeans and a red checked shirt. His blue eyes sparkled with power, and his short blond hair was carefully styled.  She knew immediately that he was much older than the mid-twenties age range that he embodied.

            “Yes,” she said, “Who are you?”

            “My name is Kian,” the vampire replied, “Mr Vance is expecting you. Please, follow me.”

            He turned and walked back the way he came. Jennifer looked around the room, but everyone seemed preoccupied, perhaps a little too studiously. Narrowing her eyes, she stood up and followed the vampire, her fingers flexing at her sides as she resisted drawing her guns too soon. The humans were most likely enchanted not to notice the vampires. It would cause chaos if Jennifer suddenly began wielding a gun and fighting with a powerful undead creature right in front of them.

She found herself walking into a long corridor at the back of the building, and she noted the exit leading out onto the car park. Kian led her up a wide flight of stairs and stopped outside a brown painted door on the landing above the pub. This was it.  He knocked once and then opened the door carefully. Jennifer had to follow. Drawing her guns, she squared her shoulders, let out a breath, and stepped into the room, keeping her back to the wall and the exit in sight.


Phew! That was tense. I need to get that finished, the first draft is about halfway complete and there was a fantastic twist at that point if I recall… The vampire hunter is not all that she seems.


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