Monday, 18 April 2022

The Vampire of Blackpool Tells Her Story

Are you planning a holiday to Blackpool this year? You had better watch out for the resident vampire and her companions. Here’s an excerpt from Vampire of Blackpool:

Leaping into the air, I struggled to ascend at first. My balance was unsteady, and my body felt like a lead weight. Gritting my teeth, I forced my mind to focus, and I managed a swift if unstable flight to the hospital. Fortunately, it was only a short distance away, but by the time I alighted behind a brick store shed in the grounds of my destination, I almost collapsed. I was starving. I was weak. I managed to walk slowly across the road and towards the double doors that led into the waiting room for the casualty department. There were ambulances and vehicles coming and going, but the pavement was strangely empty of people. All the busy life was contained within the building.
Staggering through the automatic doors, I gasped as a wave of sheer exhaustion poured over me. I was descending into bloodlust. I very nearly attacked the first person I set eyes on, but at the last moment managed to control myself. I was surrounded by beating hearts and succulent bodies. I needed blood. As I leaned against the wall, my breath rasping, my eyes wild with hunger and pain, I became aware of voices approaching as two nurses hurried to my aid.
“Here,” one woman shouted, “Let us help you.”

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