Sunday, 24 April 2022

Vampire Seduction Games in The Darkness of Love

Are you in the mood for some forbidden romance and a vicious backlash from the possessive husband? Then read The Darkness of Love. This Victorian vampire story tells us how Marcus Scott (from the Redcliffe novels) became the man he is today.



            Gregory smiled as he surveyed the poor, helpless young man in Amelia’s bed.  She reported that Marcus had been excellent, strong, and compliant, and extremely invigorating. Now he lay staring at Gregory with a mixture of terror and defiance on his youthful face. He swallowed nervously, unsure whether to speak, and he pulled the bed sheet higher as though to try and conceal his obvious state of undress.

            “Good morning, Marcus,” Lord Stockton said as he approached the bed, “I understand you are feeling ill.”

            Marcus nodded.

            “I apologize, my Lord,” he replied in a hoarse voice, “this appears very improper, and it will not happen again.”          

            “Do not fear  me, Marcus, at least not yet” Gregory replied briskly, “You may rest for a while until you are strong enough to return to your room. I do not require your assistance today; I would rather you regain your strength. Now rest, and I will send a maid with clothes and food for you. I am sure this is simply a lethargy and will pass within the day.”

            “Thank you, my Lord,” Marcus replied weakly, “I am indebted to you,” .

            “No matter,” Gregory said, “I am aware of Amelia’s activity, and I understand that you were totally at her mercy. We will not speak of this again.”


Ooh, steamy! Lady Amelia has a hearty appetite, pardon the pun, and when she demands attention, she gets it. Click here to read the full story.

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