Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Playground for the Imagination #amwriting

There is inspiration for stories everywhere. I know this is an oft-repeated phrase and many struggling writers are probably fed up of hearing it. But I think it really is the truth. Every day I am bombarded with snippets of inspiration, little sentences and scenarios that could be transcribed into detailed stories. It could be anything from watching my children interacting and wondering what goes through their minds, to taking a walk and seeing the world around me.

 One day I took my children to a local playground when I collected my eldest daughter from pre-school. The day was very average, with nondescript weather and no special occasions or events. We visited the playground and my daughter spent some time running around and enjoying the swings, slide and climbing frame. I stood watching and felt compelled to take these photos.

Looking at the empty rocking animals and the swings blowing gently in a faint breeze, I was struck by how atmospheric the playground had suddenly become. Was it simply my overactive imagination and the fact that I am a writer constantly seeking inspiration? Or was it a genuine mood in the area? I don't know, but I found my mind coming alive with possibilities for ghost stories, horror stories, and all sorts of macabre creations centred around this innocent children's playground.

Do you see the possibilities too?

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