Monday, 15 March 2021

*FREE BOOK* NHS Nurse Werewolf Lieutenant?! #TheRedcliffeNovels

Have you read It’s Complicated yet?

This cheeky short story comes from the perspective of NHS nurse Sally Frost as she navigates her busy life in Redcliffe, Cornwall. By day (or night) she is a dedicated NHS hospital nurse, and when she’s not in her day job, she works as pack lieutenant for the Redcliffe werewolves. And she is in love with the alpha, Danny Mason, naturally, but he cannot commit to one person. There is another lieutenant, Simon Bunce, and while he and Sally are good friends, she knows that Danny will always choose Simon over her when it comes to love, and other activities…


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#TheRedcliffeNovels series starts out fairly tame as the innocent human Jessica Stone falls in love with Jack Mason. But when she discovers his secrets, and the truth about his identical twin brother, she unleashes a few surprises of her own.


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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Not Your Average Valentine - Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I would like to offer you a little something from the werewolves, just to shake it up a little. We return to the first novel in the Redcliffe series, Love Hurts. I wrote this many years ago when I felt the pain of young, romantic love. For me that love turned dark when my vampires and werewolves appeared on the scene.

With that in mind, here is an excerpt where our heroine Jessica Stone witnesses a mysterious exchange between the werewolf alpha Danny Mason, and his lieutenant Sally Frost. At this point Jessica is not aware of vampires and werewolves, and she has no idea of what she has gotten herself involved in.

Excerpt Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) Book 1

Danny was standing close to Sally, and he looked quite angry and intimidating. In fact he looked different, more frightening, very like Jack had on that morning when he pinned me in the bedroom. Sally seemed to be acting submissively to him, as though she had done something wrong, but I couldn’t imagine what. Surely, they must be a couple and they were having an argument. But why would Danny be in the hospital when Sally was working? He should be at work today I knew that. He was dressed in jeans and a smart shirt rather than his usual surfer clothes. I knew enough to see that these were his work clothes. Maybe he was on an investigation or something.


Mysterious happenings, aren’t they? Ha, ha! If you haven’t read Love Hurts yet (and why haven’t you?!), here’s your link to get the book.  


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Monday, 1 February 2021

Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel) by Catherine Green

 Love Kills is book 2 in the Redcliffe novels series. In the quiet Cornish seaside town of Redcliffe, Jessica Stone recovers from a horrific werewolf attack and comes to terms with revelations that her lover, Jack Mason, is a vampire, his brother, Danny, the werewolf pack leader, and her best friend, Simon, is a werewolf.  Add to that her discovery that she is a witch, and life is suddenly a whole lot harder than it used to be. Jessica has to fight for her own life and Jack’s when faced with his jealous vampire master who wants her old lover back. But things are never easy, and a vampire master is not so easy to defeat…


The Redcliffe novels series follow the adventures of bookshop owner Jessica Stone as she meets a man and falls in love, only to discover the hidden werewolf secrets of her close friends. That includes Simon Bunce, manager of the Ship Inn, who turns out to be lieutenant to the Redcliffe werewolf pack, and lover to the wolf alpha Danny Mason. He fights to protect his master from the ethereal animal familiar who threatens to claim their pack. Who knew the Cornish coast could be so deadly?


The Redcliffe novels are widely available in paperback and eBook formats from UK bookshops, your local library (UK only), and online with retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords and more.

Click here for the link to your favourite bookstore.

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Monday, 4 January 2021

#TheRedcliffeNovels – Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) Book 1

Set in the fictional seaside town of Redcliffe in Cornwall, Love Hurts is about a young woman who runs a bookshop with her best friend. She falls in love with a local police detective and later discovers that he is a vampire, and that his identical twin brother is a werewolf. She is dragged into their complicated and dangerous lives, to her detriment, where secrets are told and lives are lost...


What vampire book genre is the book?

My novel is a contemporary paranormal romance

What are the ‘themes’ of this book?

There is adult content, sexually explicit scenes and scenes of violence


What is the setting of your book series or book?

The Redcliffe Novels series is set in the fictional seaside town of Redcliffe in Cornwall, England.


What’s in store for readers?

This is the story of my heroine Jessica Stone as she struggles with being in love with a vampire, while having sexual feelings towards his identical twin brother who is a werewolf. To further complicate things, Jessica discovers she is a witch, and since she was orphaned at a young age, she had no family to guide her into her heritage. Things kick off with the aid of her newly discovered non-human friends, and her easy life spirals out of control.


Words from the Author

I have always been fascinated by the vampire myth and wrote my dissertation on vampires for my university degree. Contrary to popular folklore, I have always viewed vampires as a romantic and misunderstood creature, although I do not doubt their ability to kill and destroy. To me they represent the primitive, dangerous part of ourselves that humans prefer to ignore.


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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

2020: the Pandemic, the Lockdown, the Chaos

You couldn’t write this stuff! Twelve months ago, I wrote about how I was glad to see the end of 2019 as it had proved to be a painful and grief-stricken year. For many people 2020 has been the worst year ever, and while I didn’t experience bereavement due to the pandemic, I had a pretty traumatic time.


It began with the training of our rescue dog, Marley. We soon discovered that he was an escape artist, and after several awkward confrontations with our neighbours when he tried to claim their garden, we spent over £1000 installing enough fences and barriers to keep him at home. Seriously, our back garden looked like a prison yard by the time we finished! Then began his behavioural training program. By that time, we were heading into Lockdown and our local dog training centre was closed. They did offer a course online, however, so my daughters and I spent some time making videos of our progress, receiving feedback from the trainer, and generally trying to keep Marley occupied so that he didn’t escape again.


My grandad died in March following a long illness, which left my family and I worried for his widow. Nan decided to remain at home on her own with their two elderly dogs. Both dogs died in quick succession during lockdown, and now my Nan is completely alone for the first time in her 90-year life. We have a big family, and she could stay with relatives, but she is determined to stay in her own home and wait out the pandemic. Her neighbours are looking out for her, and close relatives visit every day to bring supplies and check in.


During Lockdown I had this crazy idea that I could finally finish writing book 6 in the Redcliffe Novels series. That didn’t happen. I think my Muse went into self-isolation, because she disappeared and I’m still waiting for her to return. Not to be deterred, I threw myself into the business of my pagan family lifestyle blog, SpookyMrsGreen, and that has come along in leaps and bounds. Then I decided to launch a reiki therapy business, because you know that is a great idea during a pandemic!


Oh, and then there was my home renovation project, when I single-handedly stripped all the wallpaper in our living/dining room, hall, stairs and landing, and the bathroom (don’t ask!), and then repainted all of those rooms by myself. Well, my children helped a little… and the dog! I was happy with the result, and hopefully in 2021 I can entice my Muse to return so we can finish what we started ten years ago… Please?!


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Sunday, 29 November 2020

Christmas with the Vampires by Catherine Green

 Our favourite bad-boy vampire, Marcus Scott, meets an old friend for Christmas in Edwardian London.


With his blond hair, ice blue eyes and sculpted physique, Marcus Scott immediately turns the heads of everyone he encounters upon his arrival in London at Christmas time. Unbeknownst to all the women and men who fall under his spell with just one glance, Marcus is a vampire with a desperate need to feed from the young and the beautiful. When he unexpectedly encounters Lady Amelia Richmond, the vampire instrumental in his own transition, the two begin to plan a holiday feast to satisfy their deep hunger.

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Available to download from Amazon US and Amazon UK


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Monday, 23 November 2020

Support Small Business this #BlackFriday!

 How do you feel about #BlackFriday? It seems more important this year because of the pandemic, with lots of non-essential shops closed during the second lockdown here in England. These shops now have to step up their efforts to sell more products online, competing with big brands and established internet stores. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I believe in not over-commercializing holidays such as Christmas. However, I sell books for a living. If I don’t sell the books I write, I won’t make any money, and that could negatively affect my children and husband.



I propose a compromise: think about the small business owners, including indie authors, craft businesses, local produce etc. They rely on income from the sales of the stock that they lovingly create by hand. We should support those businesses. When I hear about #BlackFriday, my thoughts turn to Amazon. Well, they are made up of small business owners, like me, who rely on royalties paid via Amazon for the sales of our books. Amazon is not necessarily the big bad giant that some people believe. Most of the books published on Amazon will pay decent royalties to their authors, myself included. Check the names of the sellers when you shop, and you will find some small, independent retailers.


Why not search for alternative Christmas gifts for your friends and family? Find them a book written and produced independently by a new author. Try a CD by a young musician. Or even search for some handcrafted bespoke trinkets, jewellery, furniture or bric-a-brac. The small business owners will be far more grateful for your custom and will make more effort to give you the personal customer service that makes you feel good about parting with your hard-earned cash. Thank you.


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