Monday, 3 January 2022

Happy New Year from Paranormal Author Catherine Green

Happy New Year my bookish friends! How do you feel as we move into 2022?


I have experienced a disconnect from my writing for the past couple of years while I battled being a single parent alongside lockdowns, growing children and family drama. My writing time dwindled to nothing as I prioritised the needs of my family and friends and devoted more of my time to selfcare and reiki self-healing treatments.

This year I need to return to my books. There is still one more Redcliffe novel awaiting completion and publication, but I have hesitated due to a complete lack of interest in the series so far. With five novels published my sales have been practically non-existent. I know I am a good writer. I know my books are good. I also know that I cannot write, promote, sell, and plan my marketing all by myself, and I cannot afford to pay someone to do it for me. All I can do is write because it makes me happy and if my books are meant to be found I will trust in the Universe to bring forward my readers. I have exhausted all available avenues within my reach.


It is not only my Redcliffe novels series that needs attention. I have the sequel to Vampire of Blackpool in progress, and the sequel to my as-yet unpublished novel Hunting the Hunted. And then are more novels to write for my vampire hunter series. I have submitted the manuscript for Hunting the Hunted to various publishers and agents without success, but I refuse to give up.

And so, this year for me will be about writing. I need to go back to basics and do what makes me happy. What will you do this year?

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