Friday, 27 April 2012

The Redcliffe Novels: Writing a Trilogy

I am currently writing the third book in my Redcliffe novels paranormal romance series. Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel) concludes the story of how our protagonist Jessica Stone met and fell in love with a vampire, and subsequently discovered the truth about her friends and acquaintances in the fictional Cornish seaside town of Redcliffe. I originally only intended to write one book with this story, but it  just sort of spiralled and took on a life of its own, so now here I am.

My first Redcliffe book Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) introduces us to Jessica Stone and her best friend and business partner Elizabeth Gormond. They are happy running the local bookshop and socialising with friends at the Ship pub on the promenade. Jessica is independent and content with her life, and she doesn’t need a romantic relationship. Or so she thinks. One night she meets Detective Jack Mason and she falls in love, hard and fast. Jessica cannot admit her true feelings at first and neither can Jack.

The story continues as Jessica meets Jack’s identical twin brother Danny Mason. There is confusion and embarrassment, and then she must learn to differentiate the two men. Finally, she discovers the secrets they have been hiding from her, along with her close friends in Redcliffe. Jessica unwittingly becomes entangled in a messy police operation, and the brothers’ secret identities are revealed. One is a vampire, one is a werewolf. But that isn’t the whole story.

This is why Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) led into a sequel and eventually a trilogy. Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel) is due for release in June 2012, and as I said previously, I am currently writing Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel).  There has been more violence and bloodshed, which is not something I originally intended, and Jessica Stone has discovered truths about herself and her heritage that were never in my fledgling story all those years ago. I am surprised and intrigued every time I sit down to write, which makes this journey a very exciting one.

Oh, and that’s not all. There will be a fourth Redcliffe novel. Jessica is very insistent that her story is not finished. In fact, she has a lot of trauma and adventure to experience along the way. So, I had better get back to work. See you later!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Darkness of Love - Victorian Vampire Story

I would like to share with you the synopsis for another manuscript of mine, a historical vampire novel called The Darkness of Love. I began writing this one in 2010 when the vampire character Marcus Scott from my Redcliffe novels decided he wanted his story told. He became very insistent, so I had to write it!

Marcus Scott works as a stable hand for Lord Gregory Stockton during the prosperous and industrial Victorian era. He has grown up in the grounds of Stockton Manor, and his parents also work for Lord Stockton. Marcus is in love with Lady Sarah Stockton, and gradually begins to lose control over his passion. She also harbours desires for him, but struggles with her strict upbringing and devotion to her husband. 

Gregory discovers the depth of the would-be lovers feelings for each other, and he takes a special interest in Marcus, promoting him to a position within the house, and throwing him into close contact with Sarah. Gregory plans to turn Marcus into a vampire, and bring him over as his heir. The drama unfolds, and the humans are pawns in the vampire’s game of power and control, passion and emotion. 

Do you like the sound of it? I need an agent and/or a publisher if anyone is interested...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mind, Body and Spirit Event in Chester, UK

I will be exhibiting at a Mind, Body and Spirit event taking place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Chester on Sunday 6th May 2012. The event starts at 10:00am and finishes at 5:00pm. I will be doing a talk about my Redcliffe novels at 4:15pm, and all day I will be available to promote my books and my work with Spirit Sisters. I will offer exclusive signed copies of my books for sale, and there will even be sneak previews of the brand new Redcliffe novel, Love Kills....

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blog Lucky 7 Challenge - A Redcliffe Novel

I have been handed the challenge by WordzNerdzDebz, also known as the fabulous Debz Hobbs-Wyatt from Bridge House Publishing. She was one of the editors responsible for selecting my very first published short story The Teen Game in the Young Adult anthology Devils, Demons and Werewolves.

The challenge is to open your current manuscript or work in progress. Go to either page 7 or 77, whichever is juiciest. Copy the first seven lines on the page, and post them in your blog under this title. Then wait for your audience to react with excitement!

Here is my excerpt, taken from page 7 of my current manuscript Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel). It is the third book in my Redcliffe paranormal romance series, and this is from the very rough first draft in progress:

           “No!” I said, “I mean, yes,” I stuttered, “I just, I thought we needed a little space after what happened the other night.”
            Danny’s expression sobered a little as he stared at me.  He nodded.
            “I suppose that was wise,” he agreed, “But I will not be bullied by a tiger familiar.  Just learn to control her so she doesn’t force you to shift, and we will be safe.”
            The room spun around me and I swallowed nervously.
Now to pass on the challenge

Now I must choose 7 lucky and talented writers who have active blogs, and challenge them to the task. Here are my chosen few, from those who have not already done the challenge (I hope):

  1. David J. Pedersen @got_angst
  2. Sarah Luddington @BlakWulf
  3. Craig Stone @robolollycop
  4. Naomi Chance @Write_ShareNaom
  5. Becca Campbell @beccajcampbell
  6. Kirkus MacGowan @KirkusMacGowan
  7. Rachel Chance @write_sharerachel

Have fun everybody!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel) - Exclusive Preview

For those of you who have read Love Hurts and are thirsty for more sex, blood and secrets, here is a taster from my second Redcliffe novel, Love Kills. This book is due for publication in Summer 2012:   

     I was running through the forest on the outskirts of the Cornish town of Redcliffe.  It was evening and the sky was growing dark with that smooth, silky blackness that descends gradually as night progresses.  There was an eerie feel to my surroundings, where tall trees shadowed me with their heavy green branches, but I saw only light and colour.  The air was clear and fresh, late summer, and I paused and breathed in the delicious scents of plant life and nature.  Here, deep in the forest, I could still taste sea salt on my tongue, and I relished the sensation.  It was beautiful, and I was blissfully happy.
     Suddenly a man burst through the trees into the clearing where I stood, making me jump with surprise.  My fright quickly turned to welcome when I recognized my boyfriend Jack standing before me.  My gaze rose from the ground up, taking in the delicious definition of muscle that showed through the grey t-shirt he wore with black jeans. His skin was glowing with health, he was smiling, and his deep blue eyes were sparkling with a promise of delight and excitement.  As he strode towards me I stood still, waiting for his embrace.  He put a hand on the back of my head, drawing me close, and touched his soft lips to mine. 
    The kiss started out gentle but quickly escalated and I knew this wasn’t Jack; it was his identical twin brother Danny.  I pulled away, gasping.
    “Danny what are you doing?” I said breathlessly, my heart pounding,  “We can’t do this!” 
    He laughed and spoke in a low, deep voice, with a hint of growl betraying his werewolf lineage.  The sound rumbled through my body, setting off shivers of excitement that I tried to suppress. 
    “You know Jack will not mind, Jessica.” he said, “After all that we have been through I am sure you understand.” 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Catherine Green Author Interview - English Matters Forum

I attracted the attention of a lady who runs a company teaching English language. She likes the style and presentation of my author advice blogs on Write and Share. Here is the link to my recent author interview for English Matters: