Tuesday, 29 December 2020

2020: the Pandemic, the Lockdown, the Chaos

You couldn’t write this stuff! Twelve months ago, I wrote about how I was glad to see the end of 2019 as it had proved to be a painful and grief-stricken year. For many people 2020 has been the worst year ever, and while I didn’t experience bereavement due to the pandemic, I had a pretty traumatic time.


It began with the training of our rescue dog, Marley. We soon discovered that he was an escape artist, and after several awkward confrontations with our neighbours when he tried to claim their garden, we spent over £1000 installing enough fences and barriers to keep him at home. Seriously, our back garden looked like a prison yard by the time we finished! Then began his behavioural training program. By that time, we were heading into Lockdown and our local dog training centre was closed. They did offer a course online, however, so my daughters and I spent some time making videos of our progress, receiving feedback from the trainer, and generally trying to keep Marley occupied so that he didn’t escape again.


My grandad died in March following a long illness, which left my family and I worried for his widow. Nan decided to remain at home on her own with their two elderly dogs. Both dogs died in quick succession during lockdown, and now my Nan is completely alone for the first time in her 90-year life. We have a big family, and she could stay with relatives, but she is determined to stay in her own home and wait out the pandemic. Her neighbours are looking out for her, and close relatives visit every day to bring supplies and check in.


During Lockdown I had this crazy idea that I could finally finish writing book 6 in the Redcliffe Novels series. That didn’t happen. I think my Muse went into self-isolation, because she disappeared and I’m still waiting for her to return. Not to be deterred, I threw myself into the business of my pagan family lifestyle blog, SpookyMrsGreen, and that has come along in leaps and bounds. Then I decided to launch a reiki therapy business, because you know that is a great idea during a pandemic!


Oh, and then there was my home renovation project, when I single-handedly stripped all the wallpaper in our living/dining room, hall, stairs and landing, and the bathroom (don’t ask!), and then repainted all of those rooms by myself. Well, my children helped a little… and the dog! I was happy with the result, and hopefully in 2021 I can entice my Muse to return so we can finish what we started ten years ago… Please?!


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