Thursday, 27 February 2014

Meet the Author! Middlewich Readers Book Club #Cheshire

I am a member of the Middlewich Readers book club in Cheshire, UK. We meet once a month at our local cafe, Drinks and Bites at 35, where we chat about the latest book on our list, discuss what we liked or disliked about it, and generally have an hour where we can bring our reading passion to life. Our next meeting is on Monday 3rd March, and this month the book under scrutiny is one of mine, eek!

The book in question is my very first novel, Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel). Check out the free Wattpad link if you haven't read it, or find it on Amazon. Alternatively, if you are local to Middlewich, join us at the book club meeting on Monday. See you later!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day, Book Lovers! #ReadMe

Today I have a special gift to you all. My Redcliffe novels are all on a special offer price for the entire weekend. You can purchase my new novel The Darkness of Love for just £0.77, or $1.26. How cool is that?

And the same applies to my first three novels in the Redcliffe series; Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel), Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel) and Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel). Perfect Valentine’s reading!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hot Week on the #Valentine Hump Day Hook #HDH

I think this year we will make our Valentine’s Day a Hot One, you know what I’m talking about! So here is a *hot* Hump Day Hook excerpt for you. This is from my third Redcliffe novel, Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel):

As I turned to walk into my bedroom he suddenly appeared behind me.  I cried out in surprise as he grabbed my arms, turning me to face him.  I almost spilled the glass of water, but I just managed to reach down and deposit it on a nearby dresser.  Jack crushed his lips to mine, kissing me hungrily.  I couldn’t help myself.  I wrapped my arms around him, returning the kisses, welcoming the surge of heat and desire that roared through my body.  We tore our clothes off and ended up on the floor right there in my living room doorway.  It was hot and passionate, both angry and exciting.  I experienced the most amazing ecstasy I had ever endured.  Eventually we fell into bed together, naked and exhausted.  I slept through until morning with no dreams or visions, and no interruptions.

If you enjoyed this one, why not pop over to our dedicated Hump Day Hook blog and see what my fellow authors have to offer. We write about romance, love, science fiction, fantasy, erotica and everything in-between, so you are sure to find something that delights the senses. You can also find us on Facebook. Happy Humping!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Rediscovering the Joy of Reading

I have been reading continuously all of my life, but recently found that my rate of reading declined sharply after the birth of my second child. It’s the same old story; I spend all day running around after a toddler and a baby while juggling housework and the occasional bit of writing, and by the time they go to bed I am exhausted and barely able to look at a book, never mind pick one up. However, I am determined not to lose out on my favourite pastime.

Since I have a bookcase of overflowing shelves, books stacked up in my bedroom, and a Kindle loaded with novels and short stories, I have plenty of material to keep me occupied. I decided that for now I will read one ’real’ book, one digital book, and maybe the odd non-fiction alongside. I joined a book club late last year, and that interrupted my loose schedule because my reading time has been dominated by prescribed books. That isn’t a bad thing, because as I result I finally read a classic novel all the way through, and what’s more I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The novel was Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  A review will follow, but suffice to say I look forward to reading more of his stories. I read it on my Kindle, and it took me roughly two months to complete, because I have been reading other books around this. One I am currently reading is a review copy from an author friend. That one is in the publication process at the moment, and the review will follow in due course. This novel is a Chick Lit story called Catch the Man (If You Can) by Naomi Chance. Again I am reading on my Kindle, but then I found myself staring wistfully at my bookshelf and feeling the urge to hold a proper book in my hands again.

Subsequently I picked up a copy of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres. It is a paperback book leant to me by a friend, and was on our book club reading list about five months ago. I am not even halfway through reading it yet, and that is shocking for a self-confessed bookworm. I have never taken so long to read a book! I admit this one took a little while to catch my attention. The first few chapters were a little rambling and seemed to show little significance to me and my interests. However, at some point it suddenly became a gripping read. I now find that I am desperate to return to it, and will probably spend most of the weekend reading, while I juggle my children… Happy reading my friends!

*Image of girl reading courtesy of Sarah Brennan Blog; image of Great Expectations via website; image of Catch the Man via Naomi Chance

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Romancing the witch, werewolf style! Hump Day Hook #HDH

This week we showcase romance in the Hump Day Hook. Here is an excerpt from my second Redcliffe novel, Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel):

“This is all for you, Jessica,” Danny said, “I can no longer deny my feelings for you.”
My heart skipped a beat and the room spun around me.  It was nothing to do with the whiskey.  I swallowed nervously, again glancing from Jack to Danny.  My boyfriend was silent at my side, and I was aware of Simon standing just in front of the desk.
“W-what do you mean?” I asked shakily.
Danny placed his hands on my knees, and I sat rigid, unable to move.  Suri stirred again within me.  I was aware of her lifting her head, surveying the scene with interest.  I could hear her thinking how useful this situation could be to her.  She pleaded again for me to allow her release.
“Not now, Suri,” I whispered, and Danny looked at me sharply.
“Your tiger is here,” he said with a faint smile, “I can feel her.  She wants me.  Do you want me, Jessica?”
I licked my lips nervously.  Yes, I wanted Danny, and it terrified me.  How could I do this to Jack?  Surely I could not be in love with two men.  It wasn’t possible.  Well, maybe it wasn’t love.  But I certainly felt something for Danny, and I could no longer deny it.  He knew.  He stared at me with growing comprehension, and his expression grew triumphant.

If you enjoyed this one, why not pop over to our dedicated Hump Day Hook blog and see what my fellow authors have to offer. We write about romance, love, science fiction, fantasy, erotica and everything in-between, so you are sure to find something that delights the senses. You can also find us on Facebook. Happy Humping!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Telling the Stories of Antique Furniture #WritingInspiration

This week is National Storytelling Week in the UK. My world is full of stories. Just this morning I can tell the tale of how my three-year-old daughter woke up late for pre-school after a restless night of sleep, and about the conversations we had on our short walk out. Our dog insisted on stopping to sniff every wall and bush we passed, and then I had to explain for the hundredth time why we stopped at traffic lights before crossing the road. It is never a dull moment being a mother, that’s for sure!

I recently celebrated my birthday, and for a treat I got to visit my local craft and antique centre. Dagfields Crafts and Antiques is a fabulous place. It is a collection of converted barns out in the Cheshire countryside, and it contains a wonderful array of treasures and curiosities. I was able to visit it twice within a week, and without children in tow, which is a novelty these days! Subsequently I found time to browse all of the units and inspect everything on display, which set my imagination alight once again. Each piece of furniture, every ornament, and every seemingly tired object has a story to tell. Here are a few that I particularly liked:

This beautiful antique telephone table looked to me like it would not be amiss in a luxurious Victorian home. It might be a twentieth century piece of furniture, hence being sold as a telephone table, but when I looked at it I pictured in in the sitting room of Lady Sarah Stockton from my recent novel The Darkness of Love. The sofa is luxurious and delicate, it looks comfortable enough to seat a lady of a dainty disposition, and there is a useful table on which she can place her book, her cup of tea, and maybe her fan if the weather is warm.

I really liked this sideboard and am still contemplating purchasing it for my home, although my husband may not like the piece. It has a pull-out writing desk feature, and I could see myself seated there working on my laptop if I were to bring it home. I also pictured this in the Victorian home of Stockton Manor from The Darkness of Love. It was not grand enough to warrant a place in Lord Gregory’s personal rooms, but perhaps it would suffice for the office of his butler, or maybe as a side table in  a hallway. It is very small, so it would only work in a less important room of the house.

These are just a couple of examples of what I saw recently. There were so many treasures to discover that I didn’t even make it all the way round Dagfields on two visits. I was constrained by time on those occasions, but that only means I have to return so I can finish my visit of course! Ah, the simple pleasures of life…

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