Monday, 21 July 2014

Book Review: Mystical Circles by S.C. Skillman

Here is my review of Mystical Circles by S.C. Skillman:

I had been looking forward to reading this book for a while, since I follow the author’s blog and feel she is something of a kindred spirit. The story was interesting and a little bit different, but I have to say the book was not as good as I had anticipated. I found it fairly dull in places, and I really struggled to connect with the protagonist, Juliet. I suppose this was intentional, because the story follows Juliet as she tries to ‘rescue’ her younger sister from a perceived threat after she falls in with a crowd of people that might be part of a cult, and at the very least are of the New Age persuasion in spiritual terms. I personally follow this kind of spirituality, so perhaps I was instinctively feeling protective towards my own kind. Not surprising then that I preferred the leading male character, Craig, because he is the leader of this group, the Wheel of Love. Ultimately I thought there were some interesting social and cultural themes in the story, and it was something that is all too familiar to me, an English woman from a very traditional British working family. It is worth reading if you are more interested in thoughts and feelings, but don’t expect much physical action.


  1. Craig sounds interesting to me too. Isn't it something how books either magnetize us or not?

  2. He is, and I was intrigued by his father too! Yes it is curious...