Monday, 9 February 2015

Back to Basics with my Writing Process #ASMSG

When it comes to writing my stories, I have always used the computer for the whole process. I love notebooks, and I have a growing collection littering the house. I use these to jot down snippets of conversation, inspiring lines from songs, and ideas for new stories as and when they hit me. But the actual writing, of paragraphs, scenes and descriptions, is all done on my computer. I had thought that this made sense because it was quicker and easier. And that is true. But there is a certain charm to using good old fashioned pen and paper.

Last night I was reading the February edition of Writing Magazine. I am once again way behind on my reading of this publication, mainly because I am so busy being distracted by the children and my domestic responsibilities. And reading books. And surfing the social networks. OK, I procrastinate. I am a writer. It’s what we do. Back to the story. I saw an advert for one of the monthly short story competitions, and an idea came to me of what I should write. But the deadline is in three days, and I only had today to get it submitted, because of the aforementioned distractions. So, I decided to do something different.

I surprised my husband by going to bed at the same time as him for once. But I also took my magazine, my notebook and a pen. I left the computer switched off and out of the way. My toddler chose that exact time to wake up crying, but after a slight delay of around forty minutes, I was good to go. I tucked myself up in bed, propped the notebook on my knee, and started writing. It felt wonderful! Such an exhilarating and freeing experience. I wrote about half of the story before I got tired, and then I typed it up and finished it this morning after the school run. I am so proud of myself! In fact, I plan to do the same again, with another story competition. The notebook is brand new and ready for use. And so am I.

Do you prefer to write your stories on paper before you type them up? Or are you a computer advocate all the way? Please, do share your experience. We writers are a fascinating bunch when you think about it…

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