Monday, 3 April 2017

Book Review: Pretty Masks by C.A. Bell

Pretty Masks is the brand-new novel by C.A. Bell, and I was lucky to receive an advanced review copy to share on my blog. I must say; this book was not what I expected. Actually, I don’t know what I did expect, but it certainly wasn’t this. The book hooked me in, although I did get a little bit confused during the first couple of pages. Once I warmed to it, I was soon engrossed, and I finished reading it very quickly.

Pretty Masks by C.A. Bell
The subject matter in Pretty Masks is very dark and disturbing, not least because it tackles the issue of mental health. We meet Lois, who on the outside appears to be your average married woman. When she is betrayed by her husband, however, she reveals a life history of tragic events and experiences. The story unravels a mind twisted with pain and suffering, but there is no happy ending when the Pretty Masks are removed… Suffice to say, I believe this book is a good read. A very good read.


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